Sustainable Principles

Arkos Design takes the model of the three pillars of sustainability to heart.  Respect for the environment, our community and our clients’ resources are integral to our philosophy. 




We help our clients understand the value of stewardship and how this philosophy applied to their project can enhance not only their success but also provide a positive impact for our own and future generations.  Sustainable materials and methods are naturally integrated into our projects from the beginning.  Many sustainable materials are now readily available with no cost differences and make these easy selections.  More comprehensive sustainable concepts are reviewed with our clients and applied into projects as appropriate.


Arkos Design has been a corporate member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) since 2006 and supports its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating System.  The LEED Rating System is recognized throughout the industry as a tool for evaluating sustainable design.  LEED certified projects are designed and built with strategies to improve energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, conserve natural resources, and provide healthier human environments.  

Many of our staff members are accredited LEED Professionals (ID+C, BD+C, Homes), demonstrating an understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to design LEED projects and to implement and lead our clients through the certification process.

Whether our clients want to pursue LEED certification or simply desire that their project be sensitive to the environment, we are committed to helping them achieve their sustainability goals


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