Philip DeAngelis

Registered Architect
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About Me:

I always knew I wanted to be an architect. As a child, I drew buildings, sketched plans, and built cities with Legos. On family vacations we visited faraway cities, toured historic buildings, and explored National Parks. These experiences further fueled my interests in design, culture, and the natural environment. I studied architecture at the University of Kentucky and took every opportunity I could to travel, including a semester abroad in Venice, Italy.

After graduating I became district sales manager, operating an independent office and managing a team of sales reps. Mentoring aspiring sales people was very rewarding, and I developed quite a few business skills, but I knew that architecture is where I belong. In 2007, I moved to Indiana and joined Arkos Design. Over the years I have had the pleasure of contributing my creativity and attention to detail to the Arkos Design team and our projects.


I take every chance I get to explore new cities. It seems that my trips revolve around food, and I especially enjoy finding local eateries where the people are passionate about the food they create. I bring the love of food home with me, where on weekends I’m always trying new recipes. With my limited space, there’s only so much food I can grow myself, so whenever I can I shop at the local farmer’s market or roadside vegetable stands.

When I really need to relax, I like to escape out into nature. Venturing down a woodland trail, taking in a mountain vista, or putting my feet in the sand on a secluded beach is my cure-all.


 enriching lives through purposeful and innovative design