Matthew McGourty

Architectural Graduate
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About Me:

Growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts, I watched as a city fell stagnant around me. I always had an obstinate desire to find out the causes behind such unsatisfactory conditions, pestering my parents with an endless stream of, ‘why?’ Architecture and how buildings are utilized, became a source for many of the answers I sought. Spending four years at Roger Williams University and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, I discovered during my semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy, that there was far more than what could be gained from studio classes and textbooks. I set as my goal to experience, in complete a fashion as possible, the broad functions that run the world of design and construction. When the opportunity arose to join Arkos Design I accepted with the confidence that there was a diverse and collaborative team to provide me the insights I need. I hope from this point out to progressively push past the limitations of today’s design methods. That we may embrace innovation and advance the processes of that industry which creates the spaces we utilize daily.



More than anything I enjoy solving problems and gaining a new insight along the way. I stand by the saying: that it isn’t how much you know, but that you learn something new everyday. Life is of course about more than the pursuit of knowledge, and the raw environment is my pastime. Escaping from the city and its constructs, I delve into adventures from a peaceful afternoon sitting in the shade by a pond, to a more rigorous day exploring a landscape whether it be on foot, on bike, by boat, or aboard a train. Being free of the concerns of everyday life is something I cherish and take full advantage of when the opportunity arises. At the end of the day though, I find there is nothing better than a good cup of tea and a nice chair by the fire.




 enriching lives through purposeful and innovative design