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Our focus at Arkos Design is to enrich lives through purposeful and innovative design.

Our culture is one of client service. We are always looking for opportunities to be more responsive and sensitive to our client’s mission. We provide our services in areas of higher education, senior living, municipal, and faith-based, mission-oriented, projects.

We are licensed in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky.

We build successful projects, a strong reputation, and lasting relationships based on our firm philosophy:

Creativity in All Things

We collaborate with our clients to achieve their vision, not ours. We are innovative not only during the creative design process but also with problem-solving throughout the construction and administration of a project.


We have built a reputation for being responsive to clients and contractors. We are flexible, available, and understand how to keep a project moving efficiently.

Design Empathy

We are committed to keeping the design-focus on the end-user. Our goal is to create highly functional spaces that enrich the experience of the user.


Our design process is focused not only on design but also on innovative solutions that benefit both economic and environmental resources.

Biophilic Design

The inherent connection between humans and nature (“biophilic”) has proven to benefit the well-being of people. We purposefully integrate nature and natural materials to create a harmonious project.


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