Mishawaka, Indiana


6.7 acres

Completed Date

October 2015

Master planning and implementation of new campus entry signage and streetscape. The second phase included a new softball field and athletic improvements – a gateway and plaza.

Arkos Design worked with the university to define its identity by developing a master plan focused on the locations and aesthetics of campus and perimeter features such as fencing, signage, and streetscape improvements.  In addition, during the second phase, a unique gateway plaza for the athletic complex was created along with an upgrade to the softball facilities. 

The new design includes a masonry press box with a viewing balcony, public restroom, extra storage, and generous dugouts.  The new skinned infield has underdrains throughout to ensure excellent drainage.  Black vinyl-coated fencing and a 30’ high backstop net system with a low wall enclose the fully irrigated field. The overall master plan allows for integrated future streetscape planning and continued improvements.

athletic improvements

Key Features

  • Gateway and perimeter improvements
  • Multi-phase implementation
  • Athletic gateway
  • New softball field designed to meet NAIA regulations

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