Centreville, Michigan


16,820 sf.

Completed Date

Spring 2019

The Glen Oaks Community College concourse renovation brings color, vibrancy, and energy to a space previously cold, dark, and gray enveloped mostly by concrete. The concourse bridges the gap between the two academic wings of this community college. They desired to create a new dining area for student seating, food service, and delivery. Various sizes of meeting spaces for student collaboration and group study were created with colorful and comfortable materials. Activity areas were carved out for billiards, foosball, and gaming; along with an interior renovation that provided new, exciting spaces to capture the students’ attention. A securable art gallery provides opportunities to host traveling art exhibits with a glass storefront system to house art and offer exposure and experience for the students, which is unique for a college of this size.
AWARD: October 2020, Spaces4Learning 2020 Education Design Showcase.

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