Elkhart, Indiana


1.7 acres

Completed Date

Summer 2014

Hubbard Hill engaged Arkos Design to assist in creating a pathway to provide access to the existing ponds and create a space for residents to enjoy. The resulting Angel Garden provides ADA-compliant access down the steep slope to the water’s edge, where residents can feed the ducks, sit and relax, and enjoy the views.  The existing water feature was expanded into multi-tiered waterfalls and pools with natural stone ledges and walls.  The water feature is integrated into the pathway, creating vista points that serve as gathering and resting points along the path.  At the pond’s edge, a large patio provides space for events and activities, with a custom structure to maximize shade and enhance its usability.  Donor pavement throughout the site provides funding opportunities.

Key Features

  • Waterfalls and pools
  • Pathway and landscape integration on steep slopes
  • ADA-compliant
  • Water-side patios and shade structure
  • Multi-phased
  • Community connectivity