Warsaw, Indiana


4,000 sf

Completed Date

August 2007

Zimmer Biomet desired a place for their employees to be inspired and continue to hone their creative edge in the highly competitive orthopedics business. Arkos Design was asked to assist in creating an interior design for a space that would be inspiring and would foster innovation and creative thinking. The space prior to renovation was an infrequently used atrium.

Arkos Design facilitated a two-day highly interactive workshop with key personnel. Together, prototypes and models were created during the process that formed the basis for the final design of the space. Final design features include a slide, fountains, coffee bar, an interactive 3D pin art wall, and chalkboard stair walls.

 Innovations Cafe offers a variety of gathering areas and flexible seating arrangements to encourage creative interaction between multiple orthopedic design teams were critical to this client.

Other projects on the Zimmer campus include the Corporate Office Renovation, Research and Development Furniture, Z Center Commons, and Z Hotel Conference Room.

Key Features of Innovations Cafe
  • Complete interior redesign of the space
  • Interactive workshop design process
  • Variety of gathering areas with flexible seating arrangements
  • Slide, fountains, coffee bar, interactive 3D pin art wall, chalkboard stair walls

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