Benton Harbor, Michigan


4,375 sq. ft.

Completed Date


The Napier Avenue Campus Hallway Renovation creates a dynamic and engaging environment for students in the corridors and lounge spaces with seating alcoves, study tables, brightly colored accent flooring, and large-scale artwork.

Lake Michigan College wanted a more welcoming environment for its students. The existing hallways were very sterile and the college was drawn to the creative skills demonstrated by Arkos Design to achieve their goal. The results are dynamic spaces that provide a variety of seating opportunities suitable for individual or collaborative study. Seating alcoves using unique materials and brightly colored, durable flooring were used to create gathering spots for students and detract attention from the lengthy hallways. Large graphic artwork pieces complement the design and punctuate the corridors. Student involvement in design concepts assured that the changes would be well received. Sustainability was a priority, so materials with high recycled content were used and water bottle filling stations were provided.

With construction confined to approximately five weeks, the design team and the owner worked closely to order materials with short lead times during the design process for this campus hallway renovation.

campus hallway renovation

Key Features

  • Built-in alcoves and accent flooring to shorten long corridors and provide student gathering space
  • Large format artwork tied to the curriculum
  • Expanded seating area at first-floor lounge
  • Key communication and smart use of materials to ensure maximum impact within the available budget and short schedule

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