Dowagiac, Michigan


47,000 sf.

Completed Date


The 47,000-SF building renovation for higher education includes science labs, classrooms, offices, and commons; replacing exterior cladding, windows, and roofing; improving efficiency with new insulation, lighting, and HVAC; and upgrading accessibility, finishes, and furniture.

Upgrading the O’Leary and Daugherty science and classroom buildings was a priority in accomplishing SMC’s commitment to improving the appearance and functionality of their buildings in order to positively influence the educational experience of the students.  Since their original construction in 1966, continuous use, typical wear, and increased demand for technology took a toll on the condition of the two buildings and their systems. 

Upgrading the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems, along with modernizing technology, extended the useful life of the buildings and supported educational and functional changes. The renovations provided eight (8) science labs, two (2) lecture halls, and ten (10) general classrooms, along with faculty offices, student-faculty commons, and support spaces.

Design and Construction Documents were completed following the State of Michigan Capital Outlay Design Manual and included space planning, assessment of existing conditions, and cost estimating.

Building Renovations
building renovation

Key Features

  • Complete renovation of two existing buildings
  • Science labs, classrooms, faculty offices, and commons
  • Replacement of exterior cladding, windows, and roofing
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • New accessible restrooms
  • Upgraded finishes

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