Dowagiac, Michigan


12,000 sf.

Completed Date


The upgraded finishes and furniture of the campus library renovation include a new circulation desk, study rooms, and collaborative learning spaces. Consolidation of the library’s collection allowed for the expansion of the Learning Center and its tutoring functions.

Continuing its efforts to provide engaging spaces for students and promote collaborative learning, the college had a new vision for what the campus library renovation would entail.  Arkos Design worked with the Mathews Library and Testing Center staff to bring this vision to reality.

The outdated and underutilized library was renovated to be more open and inviting.  Seating areas, study rooms, and classrooms provide space for groups of students, while a secluded room with private carrels allows for quiet studying. Two separate Teaching & Learning Centers from across campus were combined into one large space within the library.  This area focuses on group study and tutoring and provides students access to computers and wi-fi.

A vacated space in the College Services Building was renovated into a new Testing Center, increasing the college’s capacity during peak testing times.

campus library renovation

Key Features

  • Updated finishes and furnishings
  • New circulation desk
  • Expansion/consolidation of Teaching & Learning Centers (TLC)
  • Small and large group study rooms
  • Quiet study room
  • Casual seating areas
  • Relocation/renovation of Testing

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