Notre Dame, Indiana


2.5 acres

Completed Date


For the DeBartolo Quad Renovation, the University of Notre Dame invited Arkos Design to prepare a landscape master plan that would enhance the northern section of DeBartolo Quad and the area between Fitzpatrick Hall and the Snite Museum of Art.  The new design worked with the significant network of tunnels and utilities, along with an existing subbasement that extended into the quad. The new plaza space provides improved pedestrian cross-traffic and offers a place for impromptu gatherings and future sculpture. New stone walls flank major walkways to provide areas for plantings and seating for a large number of spectators along the axial walk for game-day parade activities leading to the stadium. Plantings and walls combine to strengthen the visual corridor.

quad renovation

Key Features

  • Master site and landscape planning for quad renovation
  • Pedestrian and vehicular circulation is separated and streamlined
  • Existing utility tunnels required creative solutions
  • Landscape strengthens the visual axis between Stadium and Law

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