SJCPL – Main Library Digital Lab


South Bend, Indiana


1,850 sf

Completed Date

June 2014

The SJCPL needed a space where patrons would have access to unique equipment for the creation of digital works.  An underutilized area was reconfigured to accommodate printing equipment, display space, group seating spaces, four private recording rooms, and a staff workroom.  SJCPL wanted the space to be a blend of an industrial-looking space and state-of-the-art equipment.  Storefront with factory window-style muntins flank the entry and match the metal display grid fabricated by a local blacksmith inside the space.  Concrete and wood wall features were created to complement the newly exposed existing concrete ceiling structure.  The space is softened by a vibrant carpet pattern and lowered levels of lighting with fabric shades.

During the 2020 renovation of the SJCPL, this space was redesigned. Read about the renovation here.

Digital Lab
digital lab


  • Private rooms with sound isolation
  • Open collaboration space
  • Prominent entrance from the facility proper
  • Display space for patron creations
  • High-tech equipment including a 3D printer