Crown Point, Indiana


5,355 sf

Completed Date

Winter 2016

Upon entering this lobby renovation project, the guest is greeted by a remodeled reception area with a hospitality aesthetic. Adjacent to the reception area is an inviting lobby with casual, comfortable seating. The central feature of the lobby is a water vapor fireplace that gives the residents an attractive and memorable fireplace with the safety features of the vapor style.

The Owner wanted a lobby renovation to provide a transitional space to help residents, family, and visitors. The design and finishes were carefully thought out to shift the mindset of a resident or guest entering from their day-to-day into a space that is calming and peaceful for relaxation, games, reading, and general conversation.

St. Anthony Village Lobby Renovation

St. Anthony Village lobby Renovation
St. Anthony Village Lobby Renovation

Continuing beyond the lobby, visitors will discover a renovated café designed to evoke a bistro-style ambiance. This area provides a charming setting for residents to enjoy their meals and engage in social interactions. Adorning the adjacent wall to the café is the Joyful Living area, dedicated to recognizing the generous donors who contributed to the project. The furniture throughout the facility is carefully chosen to strike a balance between residential comfort and the practical requirements of a commercial senior care setting. Each piece exudes a residential look while boasting durable and cleanable finishes.

The project boasts several key features that contribute to its modern and updated appeal. The reception area showcases contemporary finishes that seamlessly blend elegance and functionality. The lobby, thoughtfully redesigned, encourages social gatherings with its comfortable seating arrangements. The water vapor fireplace serves as the central feature, captivating residents with its visual allure while prioritizing their safety.

The café has undergone a complete transformation, creating a vibrant bistro-style environment. Its modern aesthetic, complemented by stylish decor and furnishings, invites residents to savor meals and engage in lively conversations. In recognition of the project’s esteemed donors, the Joyful Living area stands adjacent to the café, displaying their names and contributions.

cafe renovation
Café Renovation

Careful attention has been given to the selection of furniture throughout the facility. Combining residential aesthetics with the requirements of a senior care environment, each piece is chosen for its visual appeal, comfort, and durability. The furniture’s cleanable finishes ensure easy maintenance while providing residents with a familiar and cozy atmosphere.

This project’s redesign offers modern and updated finishes, an alluring water vapor fireplace, a bistro-style café, and a renovated lobby that fosters social interaction. These key features enhance the overall experience for residents and guests, promoting a sense of comfort, community, and joyful living.

Key Features

  • Modern, updated finishes
  • Open fireplace with vapor technology
  • New bistro-style café
  • Renovated lobby encouraging social gathering

Take a look at the digital rendering here.

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