Notre Dame, Indiana


43,572 sf.

Completed Date

August 2013

The Lyons Hall, University of Notre Dame Renovation of community and private toilet/shower rooms, shared kitchens, and lounge spaces; a new rector apartment; new student room vanities; and upgraded corridor finishes. Electrical systems were upgraded. Exterior work included landscape, walks, and railings.

This renovation of a five-story women’s residence hall, in addition to the key features listed, included a common kitchen and lounge on each floor, vanity cabinets in all student rooms, (8) private bathrooms, (2) assistant rector kitchenettes, air-conditioned common spaces, and new corridor finishes.  A new mechanical room was created to provide dedicated fresh air to all toilet/shower rooms.  All work was completed within the eleven-week summer break.  The schedule also accommodated cleaning and waxing of student room floors by University Maintenance and new commons and student room furniture provided by the University.

university of notre dame renovation
The Lyons Hall, University of Notre Dame Renovation

Key Features

  • Nine (9) fully-compliant accessible toilet/shower rooms
  • Two (2) apartment units
  • Site improvements and new landscape at building perimeter
  • Restored masonry, new windows, and new roof

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